Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Time flies when you're having fun!

We've been married for almost seven months now! Holy cow where has the time gone? We are still in love with each other, so that's a good thing, right? :) It seems like we are just always busy, going nonstop. But this week (spring break for me), we took the week and came to Sunriver to just relax!

We've spent the past seven months working, spending time with our small group at church, playing games (Ben more than me...) and cooking (me more than Ben...). Nothing too exciting but we've been having fun :) Ben is still working at the bank and I am at the elementary school I started at the day after we got back from our honeymoon.

I. Love. My. Job. It is so perfect for me! I work with groups of 5-8 kids who need a little extra support in reading or math. I have kindergarteners through sixth graders and I adore them all! I love going to work, have fun while I am there, and feel proud when I tell people where I work. My supervisor and the principal really want me to get my teaching license. Which I still may some day (although right now, it's not really an option budget-wise). But honestly, at this point I don't think I would want to be an actual teacher! I love working with small groups. I think I would have a hard time going from this to having to teach 30+ kids at once, while being unable to give them one-on-one time that they will inevitably need. That's my entire job right now, and I just love it! Plus, it doesn't hurt that I get to go home when school is out and I don't have to spend hours planning lessons and grading assignments.

I have taken advantage of my extra time in the afternoons to tutor kids in Spanish. I have been working with one student since November, and he has gone from failing quizzes and not understanding anything, to getting grades of "proficient" on his tests and doing really well with conversing. I really enjoy it! Not only getting to use my Spanish, but I just love languages and teaching, so it's a perfect combination!

Other than that, my afternoons are spent cooking or planning what I'm going to cook on Pinterest. I am so grateful to have a husband that works so hard so that I can work part time. And to have a husband who so appreciates all I do at home and how happy and energized that I normally am, that he doesn't want me to work full time. I keep bringing it up, that maybe I should find a "real" full-time job so we could be making more money, and he tells me I'm crazy - that I'm so happy where I'm at why would I want to do anything else?!

So from my spare Pinterest-crazed time in the afternoons, here are some amazing recipes I have tried and loved:

I have never been much of a waffle person. Pancakes either, for that matter. They are the last things I would ever order for breakfast at a restaurant, and I never choose to make them myself. My dear husband, on the other hand, loves them. So to make him a yummy breakfast I made waffles one weekend using this recipe. Now we make them almost every weekend. Because I just can't get enough of them! I think the trick is whipping the egg whites. It makes them so perfectly fluffy soft on the inside, but super crispy on the outside. Oh dear I want some right now!

I try not to make sweets too often. But I usually fail at that and make them more than I should. And then end up eating them all because Ben has way more self control and limits himself. BUT. These are one thing he had a hard time limiting himself with. Unfortunately I am home more than he is and have way more opportunities to eat brownies. I had a potluck at work the other day, and decided to try out this recipe for fudgy brownies with a whipped peanut butter frosting. Oh dear. I made a double batch so I would have plenty to take to work. When I got back to the lunch room less than two hours later, there were only a few left. And I had requests for the recipe. Which is very simple, and I had everything needed in the cupboards already. Oh make these immediately.

                                                                                            Source: annies-eats.com viaAmy on Pinterest

I also brought this yummy white bean and roasted red pepper dip to the potluck, which was so easy to make and was delicous. Think hummus, with regular white beans instead of garbanzos. A little spice, a little sweet, a lof of yum. 

                                                                                             Source: annies-eats.com viaAmy on Pinterest

Anyway, that has been our life for the past few months :) Ben tells me I can keep working part time so I can keep cooking these things for him! And now, I have to go finish off these yummy ribs for dinner in Sunriver :)

Thursday, December 27, 2012

The 12 Days of (DIY) Christmas

I'm kind of obsessed with Pinterest. I got a lot of ideas for Christmas from there, the first of which was the Twelve Days of Christmas gift exchange from this blog. The blogger mentioned that she did this for her husband to give him an extra treat. Well, I mentioned it to Ben and he thought it was a fun idea, so we opted to do this as our gift exchange to each other instead of getting gifts and exchanging them like normal on Christmas day. The idea is, for each "day" of Christmas, you get that number of gifts. So on day one you give 1 thing. Day 12 you give twelve things, etc. Except we kind of did things backwards. The typical 12 Days of Christmas starts with day one (on December 14th) and Christmas Day would be day 12. Well, we knew that Day 12 was probably going to be kind of a cheap gift, so we reversed the order so we would have our best gift for each other on Christmas Day :) After figuring out the order of things, we decided on a budget and went to work planning! 

We both used different methods. I wrote lists and price checked and planned things out just so (although I changed the order of things a million times and still went over budget after all that planning!). Ben spent pretty much all of his budget right away on my Day One gift, which I completely approve of :) From there, we had to figure out the right number of things. Ben did a really good job of giving me the specific number of one thing. Twelve bath bombs for Day 12. Eight mechanical pencils (for my kiddos at school to use!) for Day 8. I mostly put a random assortment of different things together to get the right number. Day 10, for example, was a combination of scratch-its, little bags of coffee, a cereal bowl, and candy. I think. Maybe that was Day 9! See, confusing :/

Anyway, we had a lot of fun figuring things out! But as we spent our money, we realized we were going to have to be creative to fill all the numbers and not spend a million dollars. So we planned some DIY projects a la Pinterest. Ben even got in on the Pinterest-ing! Here are some of the things we made:

To start with, I made us some stockings out of leftover wedding burlap. It was kind of hard to figure out how to make them with the stupid burlap, it is so hard to work with! I first made them the normal way, sewing right sides together then flipping it inside out. But the burlap just doesn't do well that way since it is so bulky and frays so easily. Besides the fact that the stockings turned out tiny. So I tried again, this time sewing wrong sides together and leaving the edges unfinished. I bought some pinking shears and used some clear Tacky glue to hopefully prevent too much fraying! I used a fun Christmas-y fabric for lining and for a "cuff" at the top. Then used another wedding leftover, wooden letters, to trace our first initial onto our stocking. I then used some thick twine (again, from the wedding!) to add a little loop at the top to hang it with. I'm pretty pleased with how they turned out! We didn't actually fill them with anything, but they still looked cute :)

I made Ben some magnets for the fridge for Day 9 using pictures from the wedding. I ordered a couple of "collage" 4x6 photos from Snapfish for only $0.15 per collage! You can choose as many photos as you want and it will create a collage for you so the pictures are small enough. All I needed from there was some flat glass gems (from the Dollar Tree), magnets and glue (from Michael's, both super cheap after a coupon). I ended up using E6000 glue because I was afraid anything else I used wouldn't stick to the glass well. I just traced the shape of the gem onto the picture, cut it out and glued everything together! You just have to make sure to press hard on the photo so the glue really spreads evenly and sticks everywhere with no air bubbles. A couple of mine have bubbles, but it's not too noticeable!


The E6000 glue also came in handy for another fun project, I made a desk calendar for Ben's desk at work! I just used the back of a dollar store picture frame (the cardboard part with the stand on it) and made a Calendar in Word by inserting a table and typing in the right dates. I just glued on some photos to each month's page and then came the fun part! I had tried this out with some regular paper first to make sure it would work, getting the idea from here. But all I did was use paper clamps to hold the paper together tightly, and run some E6000 glue along the top edge. The glue is perfect because it is flexible but really strong, and when it dries it looks just like a regular notepad-kind of rubbery but flat. This way he can just tear off the page for a new month!

Now, for Ben's projects! :) He was very creative! Besides the fact that he was clever with the numbers (Day 11, for example was a box of candy with "11" servings!), he came up with some super cute ideas for me! For Day 6, I received a box of 6 lovely homemade Christmas ornaments. To go on our nonexistant tree....now I know why he kept trying to get me to get a tree!!! They still looked pretty on the hooks with our stockings :) One of the ornaments says "First Married Christmas." Which is perfect! If we had bought a tree, I would have wanted to get an ornament that represented our first Christmas as a married couple. But since we didn't buy a tree, I didn't think about getting an ornament like that. But now we have one, and a very pretty hand made one at that!

This next gift was one of my favorites! It was so cute and sweet and creative! I got a "First of the Month Massage Jar." Since we were married on the 1st (of September), every month on the anniversary of our wedding I get to draw a massage from the jar! They are different themes. The one I drew on Day 9, for example, was a "Spanish" massage. Ben practiced his Spanish and played me Spanish music while I got a back rub :) And every month I will get a special treat-the gift that keeps on giving! Genius, people! This should be a new Pinterest sensation, I say! :)

His idea was so good, that I stole it from him for Day 8 :) I rearranged some things and re-wrapped multiple days, but I put some little surprise "coupons" for him in a jar of my own. So for Day 8, he got a game (Zombie Fluxx) and "Seven Weeks of Joy," where he gets to draw a coupon each week for the next seven weeks. I can't tell you what the coupons are good for since he hasn't seen them all yet :)

Anyway, Christmas was fun this year! Besides having fun coming up with ideas for and making gifts for each other, we had lots of family time! We got to spend a few nights in Philomath with my family, then spent Christmas Eve night and all of Christmas Day with Ben's family. So much joy and laughter and good food :) Thank you baby Jesus for being born! And Merry (late) Christmas to everyone!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Our wedding in pictures

We got our wedding photos back! So exciting, here is a glimpse of our big day!

Our first look! There were a few hops left for us to take photos in :) 

The amazing wedding party! <3 

Me and the boys! 

and Ben and the boys! 

My fam <3 

Best. Flower girl. Ever. 

My grandma putting my "something old" on my finger! 

Ben's family! 

Ben and his brothers 

Me and my lovely ladies 

The ceremony site. 

Coloring books for the kids 

Programs (designed by the one and only Megan Devencenzi

Our guest book "tree" 

Uninvited but entertaining guests. 

Melts my heart! She just ran right to him! <3

My poppa singing "I loved her first."

The reception tables 

Lunch! Courtesy of so many wonderful helpers! 

Pinky promise! 

I made the cake topper myself for less than $2! (Although I borrowed
the idea from an etsy shop!)


Mario and Princess Peach, my husband's idea! :) 

And our photographer's take on our wedding is here!